Vallorbs Jewel Company

Since the early 1900’s, Vallorbs has supplied high quality products to customers around the world. From jeweled bearings for watches and aircraft instrumentation in the 1930’s and 40’s to endplugs and special components for the nuclear industry since the 70’s, Vallorbs is accustomed to providing the tighwww tolerances to its customers.

Vallorbs has experience providing the tighwww tolerances to its customers:

  • Sapphire phonograph needles (1940-50’s)
  • Jeweled bearings for Swiss watches and the aircraft industry (1930-50’s)
  • End plugs and special components for the nuclear industry (since 1970’s)
  • Critical machined components for the medical industry (since the 1980’s)

Vallorbs Jewel Company - 1963

Vallorbs Jewel Company in 1963

We specialize in jobs that others won’t do.

Company leaders discuss quality assurance (1972).

Fritz Stuedler

Fritz Steudler

F. W. Steudler (known as Fritz) bought Vallorbs Jewel Company less than two years after graduating from Millersville State Teacher’s College in 1934. He had worked there after learning how to set jewel watch bearings from his father, Simon who worked at Hamilton Watch Company. After a few years of manufacturing watch bearings, he led the company into supplying precision aircraft instrumentation bearings.

After WWII he manufactured Saphire Phonograph needles as the popularity of the Victrola grew. In the early 1950’s he bought his first Swiss Automatic Screw Machine and Vallorbs has been a quality leader in screw machine manufactured components ever since.