5S Progress

The Bird In Hand facility has continued to progress with their 5S events, with the recent addition of the CAM Machine area. This event has taken place over a period of time, but we recently wrapped up the Sorting, Straightening and Shining, and have begun the Standardizing and Sustaining. The process began with the removal of 25 machines from this area, which had not been used in the past 10 plus years. We then restructured the floor plan to group like machines together to allow operators to use more than one machine at a time without having to move from aisle to aisle. Once the machines were in place, we began to clean and fix each remaining machine to get it back into top performing operation. Some were painted, other had guards re-installed and other repair where needed. Our next step was to clean the floors and remove all of the oil dry and replace it with oil mats to help reduce the grit on the floor, while at the same time enhancing the appearance of the entire department. Our final step was to include the daily operator checklists and audit the department. BIH is now auditing 8 different section of the production floor, to ensure our 5S standards are reaching their potential. Below are a few picture of before and after our 5S event. On the whole we are more efficient, cleaner and have created a better work environment for our employees. Congrats to the whole team in the CAM Machine area for a job well done.