Three Amazing Products That Couldn’t Exist Without Precision Machined Parts

Precision machining may not be something you think about very often, but your life would be dramatically different without it.

Here are three amazing products that could not exist without the precision-machined parts Vallorbs manufactures every day.

    • Jets. While airplanes might still exist, aerospace as we know it could not exist without precision machined parts. If you’ve ever seen the instrument panel in a jumbo or fighter jet, you’d know why. All the dials, needles, and gauges used in the engine instruments and navigational and communication equipment rely on precision-machined parts to give pilots proper display readings and other vital information. Likewise, precision boring, turning and cutting are all involved in the development of landing gear, which must remain fixed and secure when extended and flush with the wings or fuselage when retracted.
    • Automotive Airbags. From the hinges that release airbags to the steel and aluminum components that inflate them, precision machined parts are found throughout vehicle airbag systems and restraint systems. Equally important are the machined parts that secure the important sensors that trigger airbag deployment. Even the diffusers that release the gas within the airbags after they’ve been ejected include precision machined parts.
    • Smart phones. Without the precision machined tools that make them, the screws that hold them together and the hardware that’s contained within them, products like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy couldn’t exist. Neither could most modern-day computers, for that matter.
    • *BONUS ITEM* The International Space Station. Without the precision machined parts found in guidance, navigation and control equipment, the International Space Station could never have been constructed. Likewise, the rockets that flew the components into space could never have left the ground. Pneumatic airlocks use precision machined parts to seal in pressurized oxygen, precision machined connectors ensure the space station remains rigid against the forces of microgravity and orbital differentials, and control momentum gyroscopes allow for parts of the station to move independently.

Precision-machined parts are found in virtually every aspect of your daily routines. Nuclear power generators, medical equipment, agricultural technology, electronics, locks, meters, jewelry, the list goes on and on. Vallorbs is a leader in the precision machining industry and has been providing high quality products to a variety of industries since the early 1900s.

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