Vallorbs Material Rack Kaizen Event

Vallorb’s  lawww  Kaizen  event occurred   last   week   from   11-10-14  to  11-13-14.   The  focus  of  our event   was   to   sort   the   materials we currently have in to types of material, like Zirconium, Stainless Steel  and Brass,  so that it is easier to find material and visually more appealing to visitors and external auditors who visit our location. But as most  Kaizen  events  tend  to do, we quickly shifted our focus as we discovered a way to turn the sorting of a material rack in to hundreds of extra hours of production capacity for our CNC machines.


We started by removing all of the material  we  had  on  our  rack  that was out dated, did not have proper certification or was extra from obsolete  product.  And it was while we were removing the material that revealed the silver lining in our Kaizen event. Every so often, while we were removing material, we had to stop to allow operators  the time to get material. We began to wonder if there was a way to eliminate the operators from having to leave their machine   to  come   and  get  stock.

After meeting on this subject with the  team,  we  created  a  procedure that  allows  our Materials  Receiver to point and mark each bar of material  as it is received.  Once it is received  and  placed  in  a  location, the material will be delivered to the machine  on  a  schedule,  based  on the part being produced. This will allow the machine  operator  to stay at  their  machine  and  continue  to run production.  We later found out that  each  operator  spent  between 10  and  20  minutes  a  day  signing out material,  pointing  the material so that  we  could  use  it in the  bar feeders  for  the  CNC  machine  and marking   the  material   so  that  we could  tell  when  the  material  was about to run out. It does not sound  like   a   lot   of   time,   but when  you  add  up  the  ten minutes  for each of the 1 operators covering 2 shift and   extrapolate    out   the numbers,  it  was  reducing our production capacity by over  500  hours  a year.  We were also able to achieve  the  original  plan of cleaning up the material rack  and  segregating   the material  by type. Although  we are not 100% complete, you can see the drastic change our material rack has gone  through,  as  we  have  remove over  50%  of the  material  that  was originally stored on the rack.after

Special thanks to Barry Gochnauer Sr., Louie Laramie, George Blizzard, Ken   Rinier,    Todd    Thomas   and Todd  Suessmuth  for their work  on achieving these results.